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The Herald reports:

They entered the hotel shouting slogans against the Government’s changes, which include making it easier to fire workers, extending the 90-day trial for new staff and tightening union access to workplaces.

Despite protesters repeatedly charging the police line, shift commander Wayne Kitcher said there were no arrests or injuries to officers.

Politicians including Prime Minister John Key were actually next door at the convention centre but Unite union general secretary Matt McCarten said he was pleased with the 300-strong turnout.

Matt needs to visit Sky City more often. The convention centre is not the same as the hotel.

Incidentally while I am a total supporter of the right to peacefully protest – charging Police lines is not a peaceful protest.  It is by definition a violent protest.

I’m not sure what they have in the walls, but in the convention centre one couldn’t hear any noise at all from outside. When the conference finished at midday or so, the only protester there was a men’s rights nutter (I understand he has been in court over possessing a knife in an MPs office).

“I think today was a declaration of war by John Key – a lot of workers voted for him because they thought he was moderate and would do what was best for the country. Well, the mask has come off.”

Umm these changes are incredibly moderate. They were mainly in the 2008 election manifesto.

Former Green MP Sue Bradford was one who broke through security with about 40 protesters. She said she had been “belted in the face” by police.

“I’m sure I will end up with a few bruises.”

You physically charge at the Police (which is actually an assault) and complain that they do their job and stop you getting through.

Sue should just be glad that the Police were not allowed to use tasers!

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