Funniest moment from the Whale trial

The TV3 blog has the most details of the day’s proceedings. The Herald also carries an NZPA story.

But neither detail in full, what was probably the funniest exchange. The Police played their DVD of the interview with Whale, and it contained discussion of Whale’s depression, and medications.

Judge Harvey asked the defence lawyer whether he would like those parts of the DVD evidence suppressed. Mr Thwaite replied instantly that normally he would check with his client as to their wishes, but in this case he feels confident that he can answer forcefully that his client will not be seeking a suppression order 🙂

For those who are wondering, what happens next:

Judge Harvey says he does not intend to present a decision now. He proposes to remand Slater at large until 10am on September 14 when he will have his decision. Judge says he can make a finding on the no case issue and he can find there is no case to answer and the whole thing evaporates. Or he finds there is a case to answer, he can articulate that and he can give Mr Thwaite an opportunity to address the judge on liability. Or he can proceed to determine the no case argument, if there is a case to answer he can consider the elements have been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

So tune back on the 14th.