Thanks Ernie

Having been on a plane most of today, I got off to see the Google Mail previews show me the subject lines of e-mails, including one from Clare Curran saying Labour pays tribute to .

I thought to myself – hell either Ernie is dead, or he has resigned.

Upon being able to actually read the e-mail in full, I am glad to find out it was not the former scenario 🙂

Most New Zealanders are far better off for the efforts put in by Ernie and . His last great battle and success was on mobile termination rates.

I’ve enjoyed working with Ernie over the years, and TUANZ will find it difficult to secure a replacement with his profile and skills.

I would wish Ernie well in his retirement, but I am sure that is the last thing on his mind.

Computerworld has a nice summary of reaction.

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