Damn you Julia Gillard

news.com.au reported:

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard is the second world leader to publicly show a penchant for the world’s No 1 downloaded iTunes game Angry Birds.

The seemingly simple yet highly addictive game has players slingshot birds at pigs wearing hard hats which are housed in increasingly complicated structures.

The Daily Telegraph reported Ms Gillard was photographed playing the game on an a day after British Prime Minister David Cameron was outed as a fan of the game.

When confronted with an image of Ms Gillard playing the game, her office denied the Prime Minister was an avid player, even claiming the iPad on which she was clearly playing the game was not hers.

After reading that this afternoon, I of course had to grab a copy for my iPad. Hours later and my work piles up, as I deal to the evil pigs.

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