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If anyone has a copy of the original post made at Red Alert, which they edited – could you please send it to me.

UPDATE: Thanks to the many readers who sent a copy through.  What they deleted was:

By David Parker and Phil Twyford

We understand this is a serious matter but we think ACT and National have some questions to answer.

To Rt Hon John Key Prime Minister and Minister of SIS: When the Israelis stole identities of children for false passports, did the Government force the Israeli Ambassador to resign and leave the country, and if so, has the Government considered a similar response to Government MP ?

Supplementary: Has the Minister received any intelligence reports about ACT MPs or is that an oxymoron?

Supplementary: Has the Minister received any intelligence reports about Ilich Ramírez Sanchez (aka Carlos the Jackal) having escaped prison in France and being sighted in Tonga and New Zealand?

To Hon Rodney Hide the Minister of Local Government: Does he stand by his statement that he is bringing “transparency and accountability to local government”?

Supplementary 1:  How can he expect transparency in local government when he in central government has suppressed David Garrett’s criminal record for two years and his own for even longer?

Supplementary: Will he reinstate Heather Roy who has demonstrated a strong commitment to transparency by proactively releasing documents to the media?

To Hon Maurice Williamson the Minister of Customs: Is the Minister confident the new Smartgate system is capable of picking up false passports?

Supplementary: What sort of passport would facilitate the quickest progress through Smartgate: a diplomatic passport, the new Kiwi digital passport, or a David Garrett passport, and is this just more good news for the Government?

Supplementary: What percentage of ACT politicians have convictions for drunk and disorderly behaviour in airports and would this be picked up by Smartgate?

To Hon John Boscawen, Minister of Consumer Affairs: Does misleading and deceptive conduct breach the Fair Trading Act?

Supplementary: Does he think it was misleading and deceptive conduct for Mr Garrett, in his presence, to tell journalists last week that he had no other convictions?

Supplementary: Is it now ACT party policy that conviction politicians must have criminal convictions rather than principles?

Supplementary: Will the Government be prosecuting Garth McVicar and “Sensible Sentencing Trust” under the Fair Trading Act for crimes against tautology?

That’s our first stab. We invite readers to submit their own questions below.  Especially ACT MPs or staffers who may well have more information they wish to share.

Don’t know why they deleted them. I think they’re great!

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