Good innovations from Speaker Mallard

Some good innovations to date from Mallard. The three main ones are:

  1. Pinging MPs interject during the asking of a question by deducting a supplementary question from them (if an Opposition MP) or giving an extra one to the Opposition (if a Government MP). has led to a much quieter House during the asking of questions. You can of course still interject for the answers.
  2. Allowing an MP asking a supplementary to keep asking further supplementaries without having to seek the call each time. means rather than have the constantly in the frame, you just get a back and forward between a Minister and MP.
  3. Allowing an MP extra supplementaries if a Minister does not give an informative reply ( Carter did also)
  4. Dropping Jesus from the Parliamentary Prayer. If there is to be a parliamentary prayer it should be one that all religions can subscribe to, not just one religion.

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