Miliband wins

But it was younger brother Ed, not the favourite David. This effectively sees the death of New Labour, as Ed Miliband is from the traditional left.

What I find interesting is that breakdown of the voting. assigns 1/3 of the votes to the unions, 1/3 to rank and file members and 1/3 to the MPs (incl MEPs).

On the 1st round of voting amongst MPs, David got 42% to 32% for Ed. In the final round he got 53% to 47%.

Amongst rank and file members, in the 1st round David got 44% to 30% for Ed. The final round saw it 54% to 46%.

So how did Ed win? The vote of the union affiliate members.

In the first round they backed Ed 41% to 28%. And in the final round they went for him 60% to 40%.

That gave him an overall victory of 50.65% to 49.35%.

So the new Labour Party leader was not the preferred choice of his caucus, or his members. But he was the preferred choice of union members.

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