Wellington Regional Council Elections 2010

Over the next few days I will blog a series of posts focusing on whom I think will be good candidates to support in various elections.

I start with the . In my Wellington constituency there are five seats. Note you do not need to vote for all five.

The candidates are:

AITKEN, Judith
BABER, Sally
BRUCE, Paul Green Party
BUCHAN, Dianne – Independent
FINNY, Charles
LAIDLAW, Chris –  Independent
LIPSCOMBE, Chris – Labour
McDAVITT, Terry Joseph – Independent
PONTER, Daran –  Labour
RAINEY, Bill –  Independent
WILDE, Fran – Independent

I endorse without reservation Fran Wilde and Charles Finny. Fran is the current Chair, a former Wellington Mayor and is one of those people very good at making things happen, not just talking about it. I forgive her, her former life as a Labour MP.

Charles Finny in his time with the Wgtn Chamber of Commerce transformed it into a dynamic part of Wellington. He is very focused on the wider Wellington Region (and would like a reduction from the current 11 or so Councils we have). Charles has vision and strategy.

I don’t know her, but generally have heard okay things about Sally Baber.

If you’re of the left persuasion you should vote for Chris Liscombe over Chris Laidlaw.

Lower Hutt

(3 members)

GREIG, Sandra –  Independent
TERRIS, John – Independent
THOMAS, Rose – City Vision

Only really know Rose Thomas, who is worth voting for. Don’t know Sandra Grieg but she i President of the local Grey Power so that puts me off.

Porirua-Tawa Constituency

(2 members)

BRASH, Jenny – Independent
BURKE, John Brian – Independent

I’d support Brash as she supports Transmission Gully.Not a fan of Burke as he is a NIMBY when it comes to wind turbines. Donaldson sounds good. Hanley is from Pukerua Bay which probably means he is a screaming greenie.

Kapiti Coast Constituency

(1 member)

CHAPMAN, Ann -Independent

Not enough info to say. Feel free to share your views in comments.

Upper Hutt Constituency

(1 member)

JEFFERIES, Alan – Independent
LAMBERT, Stephanie –
SWAIN, Paul –

I’d actually endorse Paul Swain. Yes I know also a former Labour MP, but I’ve actually served on a board with him and found him really good to work with. I think he would make a good contribution.

Wairarapa Constituency

(1 member)

BUCHANAN, Ian – Independent
CAMERON, Perry – Greater Wairarapa
McPHEE, Gary Hamilton –

Not enough info to give a preference. Again – feel free to comment.

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