The Tramways Union Survey

The Tramsway Union has done a survey of all of the candidates for Wellington Regional Council. Their questions basically were:

1. Earlier in the year Christchurch Bus Company Red Bus lost the tender for 6 routes resulting in 80 drivers being made redundant (see Radio NZ report: If elected what you do to make sure this never happens to Bus Drivers in Wellington?

2. In a recent report released by the Greater Wellington the council wants greater competition in public passenger transport in the region. Given competition has tended to result in driving down the wages and conditions of Bus Drivers will you oppose greater competition?

3. If elected what would you do to improve consultation between Greater Wellington and Workers in the public transport industry.

4. Do you support including minimum standards of employment as part of any tendering process for Public Transport bus services (eg minimum rates of pay, redundancy clause, a reports and complaint process)

5. Would you if elected support the in campaigning for greater public investment in public transport, and as part of this increasing the wages of drivers?

Of the candidates who answered, most tried hard to grease up to the union and say the right things. The most direct and honest response has to be whose response was:

Hi Nick. You have caught me offshore. But my answers are brief:
1. No
2. No
3. No
4. No
5. No
Thanks for taking an interest.
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