The busastrophe gets worse

Stuff reports:

Almost 50 rush-hour Wellington bus services will be cancelled every day from August 25

I didn’t think they could make it even worse than they have, but they have managed it.

Voting for the should be easy. Do not vote for any of the incumbents. There must be accountability for this.

Greater Wellington Regional Council’s sustainable transport committee chairperson, Barbara Donaldson, said the changes were made to provide certainty for commuters.

That is magnificent spin. Closing down a factory gives certainty for employees also. Being told you have terminal cancer also gives certainty.

People want , not the certainity of no buses.

“The past few weeks have been an uncertain time for customers across the network not being sure if their trip will happen or not.
“This was not acceptable, so we have worked with Tranzurban to identify routes across the city that could be temporarily suspended or replaced with the least amount of impact on customers.”

How about you pay what you need to, to get more drivers and have regular bus services like we had for several decades before the Regional Council decide to “improve” the network.

Fewer morning and afternoon peak services meant buses would be fuller and more commuters would need to stand, she said.
“We know this will impact on the level of comfort for customers.”
It was hoped subsequent services would run to schedule and provide enough room for all passengers.

So they merely “hope” there will be room for enough passengers.

Again don’t get mad, get even – vote the Regional Council out and vote for a Mayor who will actually be an effective advocate for Wellington bus users.

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