Carter AWOL

NZPA reports:

Expelled Labour MP is to have his pay docked for not showing up to .

But the punishment is more in name than reality as he can only be stung for $10 a day missed. As an MP Mr Carter earns about $145,000 a year.

Mr Carter flew home to Auckland after being expelled from his party during a marathon six-hour meeting in Wellington on Monday night.

Mr Carter took six weeks off after being ousted from the parliamentary wing of his party.

Speaker Lockwood Smith said Mr Carter had now been absent for more than 14 sitting days and he could not certify his absence this week was because of illness or another good reason so deductions would start.

“I am making this public statement because it is important that members attend the House and be seen to do so,” Dr Smith said.

Carter has been seen at a gym in Auckland, rather than at Parliament.

If he refuses to turn up, then perhaps the House could instruct him to appear before it. Refusing to do so under those circumstances would be a contempt of Parliament.

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