Is Carter bluffing

Tracy Watkins at the Dom Post reports:

Party president Andrew Little revealed today that Mr Carter had threatened to disclose the private information of other Labour MPs if expelled from the party.

Mr Carter, the MP for Te Atatu, was expelled by Labour’s national council after a lengthy hearing last night.

During the meeting Mr Carter threatened to disclose private information about unnamed Labour MPs if he was expelled, Mr Little said.

”He just said he had a lot of information on a lot of individuals in the caucus and that he wouldn’t hesitate to disclose that if it suited him to do so,” Mr Little said.

So was Carter bluffing, or is he going to start planting stories with the media?

Mr Little revealed this morning the vote to expel Mr Carter was not unanimous but overwhelmingly in favour.

Hmmn, I wonder who voted against?

UPDATE: Talking of revelations, Phil Quinn, a former parliamentary staffer for Labour, has made his own about Chris Carter:

had a secret poll taken in ’96 to ascertain whether he could hold Te Atatu with Clark at the helm.  I know this because I conducted the poll.  The results were unequivocal: Carter would lose big time, which he went on to do.  Chris was not keen on backing Mike Moore — a figure of derision on his side of the Party — but his clear preference was for Goff to run.  The numbers, however, forced Mike Moore’s name into the race.

Based on conversations he and I had at the time, I have every reason to believe that Carter was supportive of a Goff ‘coup’ in 1996.  Plenty of people know this, including Goff himself, and it is to their credit that they keep quiet.   For my part, I am tired of the sanctimony of people — Carter being the latest–  who try and misrepresent those events as treachery.  Leaderships spills happen, some for good reason, some for ill.  Some succeed, like Clark in 1993; some fail, like 1996.  Such is politics.  The tendency within NZ Labour to vilify the vanquished in these internal party disputes is not entirely non-Stalinist.

Carter shouldn’t be allowed to get away with such shameless hypocrisy. Surely?

Fascinating revelations. Does Helen know this?

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