The Wilce Inquiry Report

Have now read the full report. What staggers me is not that Wilce got the job, but that NZDF ignored multiple warnings and complaints about him. Such as:

  • The SIS were warned about Wilce in 2005, yet did nothing – do not even have a record of the concerns expressed to them. The PM should be concerned by this.
  • The chair of the recruitment panel was also told of concerns over Wilce’s integrity and there is no record of him sharing these with other panel members or doing anything about it
  • A DTA staffer complained under the Protected Disclosures Act 2000
  • A major and a civilian raised concerns in 2009, and nothing was done
  • Even more amazingly a DTA staffer went to a seminar in 2007 where they talked about the need to verify CVs and the example was given of someone who had claimed to be on UK bobsleigh team and won a DSO in the Falklands. He confirmed with the lecturer that he was referring to Wilce, and reported this back to his superiors at Defence. Nothing was done!!!

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