Who killed the Crewes

Jared Savage in the Herald reports:

The only child of Harvey and Jeannette Crewe has broken her silence to ask the police to re-investigate the unsolved murders of her parents 40 years ago.

Rochelle Crewe – just 18 months old when found crying in her cot five days after the Crewes were last seen alive – has written to Police Commissioner Howard Broad to request that the case be reopened.

It would be nice to know for sure, but most of the suspects are now dead. So who are the suspects:

  1. Harvey Crewe – a murder suicide?
  2. Arthur Allan Thomas – he was framed, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t him does it?
  3. Len Demler – the most frequent suspect?
  4. Detective Len Johnston – the Wishart theory?

I tend towards (3).

UPDATE: Just had a call from someone who was in Parliament when the pardon was debated in Parliament. They report that on three occasions an MP referred to Thomas as having been found innocent, and PM Muldoon correctly interjected each time “He was not found innocent”.

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