Harry Potter 7.1

Went to the opening night of 7.1 last night. The movie did not disappoint. It was pretty faithful to the book (some stuff left out of course, but no additions) and it captured the dark tone well.

The way they did the tale of the three brothers was very good.

The big question I had been wondering about was at what point would they do the cut between this film and Part II next July. I thought it would be probably be just after they escaped from Malfoy Manor, and it was – but the literal last scene was Voldemort breaking open Dumbledore’s tomb to retrieve the Elder Wand.

I am looking forward to Part II. They got through enough in Part I, that the Battle for Hogwarts will be the bulk of Part II.

A pity we have to wait until July next year for it. But at least have Voyage of the Dawn Treader in a couple of weeks!

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