Mana Results

2033: huge applause for Hekia and PM as final booth comes in and e night majority is a small 1,080. Hekia picked up 7% from 2008 and Labour is down 7%. I doubt Labour are celebrating much tonight.

2030: This is like a victory party. One booth to go and down to 1,365.

2029: Only two booths to go and majority is 1,500. What a great result if it holds.

2026: Wow another good Hekia booth in. Majoriy now down to 1,174. Faafoi 47%, Parata 41%. That is a 6% gain so far for Hekia and 6% down for Labour. But I suspect things may change with some big Porirua booths to come. 7 booths left.

2024: Heh McCarten is on 666 votes. How apt. He is well back in 4th behind Jan Logie. ACt has now pulled ahead of Legalise Cannabis.

2022: Nice Whitby booth for Hekia just come in – majority now down to 1,773. At this stage Faafoi has 49% and Parata 39% for a 10% gap – in 2008 it was an 18% gap. But this will change as more come in.

2017: 29/44 amd majority for Faafoi is 2,046.

2004: Clear that Labour will retain seat and Kris Faafoi is the next MP for . Congrats to Kris and Labour. 21/44 booths in and majority is 1503. As we do not know which booths are in hard to project end majority. The tribal Labour booths go Labour 90/10 so just one of those coming in moves things about heaps. Parata has won some booths she lost in 2008 though so in some a.eas there is a swing.

Damn. even though they have the data, the Electoral Commission is not displaying booth data as each booth reports. This means my booth spreadsheet to predict swings is useless as it will have no data. Aargh it annoys me when they have the data and just choose not to make it available in a timely manner.

So really all I will be doing is looking at the main results page.

Two of 44 booths in and Faafoi ahead by 346.

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