Political Corectness wins again

Tim Donoghue at the Dom Post reports:

is removing a scene from its in-flight safety video after complaints from members of the gay community.

The offending scene depicts a coy All Black Richard Kahui turning down an opportunity to peck the cheek of gay Air New Zealand flight attendant Will Coxhead.

Operations and safety manager David Morgan said among the complaints was a suggestion from a professor that the video could lead to gay male suicides.

It could also lead to a plane crashing as enraged militants blow up the plane in protest.

Captain Morgan said the video Crazy About Rugby, involving members of the All Black squad and with coach Graham Henry and captain Richie McCaw filmed in the cockpit, had been a phenomenal success.

“When we created this video and discussed the scene featuring a gay male flight attendant and a rugby player with key stakeholders, including a number of the gay community, we received none of the feedback we have in the past week,” Mr Morgan said.

“The scene was not something that we, the people we tested the scene with, or indeed the participants in the scene, viewed as distasteful or likely to cause concern.”

You’d have to be bloody precious to take offence.

The adverse reaction to the scene had shocked the Air New Zealand flight attendant in the safety briefing, Mr Coxhead.

“I’m absolutely gutted that a couple of people in the gay community have ruined this for everyone else.

“I’m proud to be gay, proud to be an Air New Zealander and extremely proud of my role in the safety video. Obviously there are some people in the gay community that can be a little precious and need to lighten up.”

Hear hear.

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