More fantasies from Winston

Jono Milne at the HoS reports:

Winston Peters says the Government has pestered him to accept an overseas ambassadorship – to get him out of politics and out of the country.

This claim should be treated the same as his claim he didn’t know about Owen Glenn’s $100k donation. I don’t know why the media give him any credibility considering his record – Winston is to politics what Scientology is to religion.

Speaking to the Herald on Sunday, he said the first mention of a diplomatic posting was a phone-call from Richard Griffin, the political insider who was previously a top adviser to Prime Minister Jim Bolger.

Oh dear. Dick Griffin is one of Winston’s closest mates. There is a huge difference between Dick telling Winston he should seek an appointment, and this being encouraged by the Govvernment.

The Government denied the claim. McCully said yesterday that it was “fiction”.

“First point, if anyone is being offered an ambassadorship, my practice is to make the approach to the appointee myself. I never make approaches through third parties,” he said.

“And I have never approached Mr Peters offering him an ambassadorship, nor do I ever intend to.”

You have to be a moron to think the Government could credibly appoint Winston as an Ambassador despite having ruled him out of a role in Government because he is a serial liar. You can appoint political rivals whom you disagree with on issues of policy, but not those whom you have publicly condemned as so untrusthworty you’d rather go into Opposition over, than rely on.

Yesterday, Griffin refused to discuss what conversations he’d had with McCully about sounding out Peters, saying he didn’t want to get involved in any “conspiracy theories”.

“He’s a friend of mine and I was having a discussion with him about what he might look to do in the future. I thought I was having a discussion with a man looking to a new future, not a man looking to get back into politics,” Griffin said.

Dick Griffin is a good man who would not lie. The fact he has not backed up Winston’s statement that his coversation was on behalf of McCully soeaks volumes.

The reality is that Winston wants to con the people that a vote for him is not a vote for Phil Goff to become Prime Minister. Yet it is.

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