The Rodney selection

Stuff reports:

A National Party contender for the safe blue seat of Rodney is still in the running to be an MP, despite controversially stacking his branch with members from his church.

Scott Simpson, Mark Mitchell, Brent Robinson, Christopher Penk and John Kirikiri were all confirmed at a pre-selection meeting yesterday.

The five were the only candidates for the five pre-selection spots, to contest Lockwood Smith’s seat.

Robinson has sparked controversey over the past-few weeks within National Party circles after allegations that he has stacked his branch with members from his church.

It is understood he is linked to the Maxim Institute and the Life Church.

While not an illegal party move, stacking is not considered appropriate and members are particularly conserned about the party being hijacked by the Christian-right.

I don’t have any first hand information on what has been happening, but what I have read causes me great concern. Most of the info about what is happening is on Whale’s blog. I hope the 60 delegates are very careful with their choice.

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