Is it time to publish a name and e-mail address?

A commenter who just received enough demerits to get him a suspension, has taken to e-mailing his displeasure to me. His four e-mails in the last hour have said:

  1. Littlle fat shit i will return
  2. david Farrars blog is a gay site
  3. kiwi blog encourages CHINESE TAKEOVERS OF NZ BUSNESS
  4. Your latest post was pathetic for a fat whimp like you,is that the best????? opps pure national arse licking, well arse licking

Very strange, my last post wasn’t even on politics, but on an upcoming film I want to see.

The scary thing is that he gets a vote.

Anyway if he keeps e-mailing me I’ll publish his name and e-mail address.  And I think his temporary ban is very close to becoming a life-time ban.

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