Japanese nuclear crisis now ranked a six

The nuclear crisis in Japan is nor ranked a six on the International Nuclear Event Scale. This is a logarithmic scale, where each level is around 10 times worse than the level below.

Their levels are:

  1. Anomaly
  2. Incident
  3. Serious Incident
  4. Accident With Local Consequences
  5. Accident With Wider Consequences
  6. Serious Accident
  7. Major Accident

Initially the situation in Japan was a two, and then a four. It is now just one off the most serious – which has only been Chernobyl to date. Three Mile Island was a five.

Level six impact is described as “Significant release of radioactive material likely to require implementation of planned countermeasures”. Level seven is “Major release of radio­active ­material with widespread health and environmental effects r­equiring implementation of planned and extended ­countermeasures”.

Hopefully the worst outcome can be avoided.

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