Labour to blame for delay

Claire Trevett in the NZ herald writes:

Former MP is denying she is playing games by refusing to quickly kowtow to the Labour Party’s hints she should refuse the list seat left empty by the resignation of Darren Hughes. …

She had checked with Parliament’s officials and was told Mr Hughes had not yet formally resigned so the process to replace him had not yet begun.

If Labour had got Darren to do his formal resignation on Friday, then Tizard would have been forced to make a decision by now. As I read the Electoral Act, someone offered a list place must affirmatively acceppt the place or it will be offered to the next person. There is no provision for someone to say “I’ll decide in a few days”.

So if Labour had got Darren to formally resign, then Tizard would have had to make a decision by now, as the Electoral Commission would be under an obligation to fill the vacancy.

Judith is obviously loving keeping Phil Goff, and the country, on tenterhooks – and why wouldn’t she. I imagine she’s loving the fact she can drag it out. But the solution lies with Labour – get the resignation in to the Speaker asap.

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