Who pays?

Reuters reports:

More than half of British women pay for themselves on a first date, even though men still want to pay, according to a survey.

A poll of 1924 adults for online bank first direct found that 58 per cent of women expect to split the bill on a first date, double the proportion of men (29 per cent).

Additionally, 14 per cent of women think it should be whoever suggested the date.

Only a quarter of women said that they thought men should pay for a first date, while three per cent said they themselves should foot the bill, suggesting that women feel they should not be beholden to men, but that men should also pay their way.

Male respondents, on the other hand, believed that chivalry isn’t dead, with 55 per cent expecting to pay the full bill on a first date, and men spending, on average, more than women.

I follow the offer twice rule. I always offer to pay the bill. If the date offers to pay, I say that it isn’t necessary. If they offer again, then you split it.

Sometimes, the date has insisted on paying the full bill, and I can’t say I have a problem with that. Generally this happens when they earn considerably more than me!

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