Labour’s remaining selections

With last night’s Epsom selection, National has now completed selections in all 63 general electorates.

started their candidate selection much earlier and ranked their party list a couple of months ago. But they have yet to select candidate for ten or so seats. Now this is unusual with just 20 weeks to go. I suspect in some seats they are finding it hard to get a candidate as they have no chance of winning, and as the list is already ranked they can’t even offer a place as a consolation.

As far as I know (let me know if wrong), Labour are yet to select for:

  1. Epsom
  2. Hunua
  3. Ikaroa-Rawhiti
  4. Kaikoura
  5. Selwyn
  6. Tamaki
  7. Taupo
  8. Tauranga
  9. Waikato

Who will they be?

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