Back Benches – August 10 2011

THIS WEEK ON BACK BENCHES: Watch Wallace Chapman, Damian Christie, the Back Benches Panel and special guests discuss the week’s hottest topics!

CHOICE—JUST AROUND THE CORNER?: The filibuster’s been broken so is choice just around the corner? Will the Voluntary Student Membership bill pass? Could this be the death knell of University Student Unions? Or will this separate the wheat from the chaff? And what does it mean for Student media? How important is our student media? Does student radio and magazines need to be separately funded rather than through Student Membership dues?

SAVED!:  It was facing cuts up to 60% but the release of the Early Childhood Education Taskforce report means that playcentre and parent-led ECE services are safe from cuts. But what about other ECE services?

Join us for a night of LIVE pub politics from the Backbencher Pub: Wednesday, 10th of August. Our Panel: ACT MP Heather Roy, Green MP Gareth Hughes, Labour MP David Parker and National MP Amy Adams.

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