Backbenches 24 August 2011

THIS WEEK ON : Watch Wallace Chapman, Damian Christie, the Back Benches Panel and special guests discuss the week’s hottest topics!

SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS: More and more small children are being kicked out of school for bad behaviour…reaching an all new high. Why is this becoming such a problem? Some are blaming it on the parents, some on exposure to drugs and alcohol, some say food & environment are to blame. What can be done to make sure the troubled kids get an education? How do we make sure well-behaved children aren’t being held back? What about teachers—are teachers becoming more than teachers? What role do the teachers and the schools have to play? And where does learning fit in on all of this? And for those teachers who don’t perform well—should they get paid less?

CLEAN RIVERS: The Green Party wants to clean up our rivers and streams. No surprise there. The Government wants to clear up our waterways too but the Greens say they don’t go far enough. Do we need national water standards? Limits of amount of water used? Can we limit the amount of pollution going into our rivers & streams? Should we be charging for water used in irrigation and commercial use? Is this a job for our new EPA? Is charging for irrigation fair to our agriculture industry? Should we all be doing our part any pay for the water we use?

Join us for a night of LIVE pub politics from the Backbencher Pub: Wednesday, 24th of August. Our Panel: ACT MP Sir Roger Douglas, Green Party MP Sue Kedgley, Labour MP Chris Hipkins and National MP Aaron Gilmore.


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