The annual gym discount is back

Fitness NZ have their annual subsidy for joining a gym, back on again.

The initiative is 100% private sector funded, and is an obesity initiative that doesn’t involve telling you what can or can not be sold.

FitnessNZ wants to get more Kiwis active. As a part of this, we are subsidising a limited number of memberships for Kiwis who are not a currently members of any fitness centre (and have not been one for the last 12 months). All have been subsidised 40-70% (based on the normal sell price of the membership, which includes any joining or start up fees).

Just go to the page linked above, and choose your region. If it is Wellington, there are 138 discounts left to go. Then you get a list of gyms, and a list of packages, ranging from 3 to 12 months generally.

On top of the 40% to 70% discount, Kiwiblog readers can gain an additional 10% discount.  If you select a package, then on the next page it will ask if you have a special code. Enter “kiwiblog” and click on the button and you receive an extra 10% discount.

So for example a 6 month membership at City Fitness is reduced from $855 to $299 – a $555 saving. A Less Mills extreme 3 month membership is reduced from $673 to $202 – a $471 saving.

Note I receive nothing for promoting this. Just a public service.

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