Labour hating the Mad Butcher

Whale has screen shots of a Facebook thread from Labour MP on the Mad Butcher. It reveals a lot.

Darien posts:

So, Mad Butcher, you have a choice, but so do I

So the Mad Butcher dared to say he though John Key was doing a good job (something that only 15% of NZers disagree with), and for that Darien wants him punished with a consumer boycott.

She stresses:

Sucking up to John Key big time. I’m never going near him again.

It must be tough for Darien, only able to shop at places where the owners agree with her political views. Personally, I shop based on location, price, quality and service.

Darien then exclaims:

Yes, he’s been good in the past. I don’t know what happened.

Note how the thinking is that something must have happened to Leitch to turn him evil.

Brad then makes the suggestion:

Perhaps Labour should work to earn back his support then.

Darien then responds with a priceless:

Brad – why?

Need any more be said.

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