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Yesterday launched their health policy. I don’t think I have ever come across such a waffly policy full of principles, reviews, develop systems, strengthen, align. It’s 28 pages of waffle. Almost the only specific is, well I let John Pagani reveal it:

has flatly rejected Labour’s proposals to once again ban junk food in schools.

John comments:

That sort of policy is asking for trouble.

So good old nanny state Labour are back to their worst. No pie is safe. The food police return.

And what has Labour been up to today:

Labour’s thinly-veiled attacks on Prime Minister John Key have continued today with leader Phil Goff bringing up the subject of Hawaiian holidays.  …

“People at the top have got a lot of money and they take their holidays in Hawaii,” Goff said.

The politics of hate and envy. Because John Key has not spent the last 30 years as an MP, and actually went into business, he is one of those despicable rich pricks.

It is sad to see Phil Goff succumb to Key Derangement Syndrome. Goff generally is a decent man, but he is trashing his own reputation as he continues down this line.

Meanwhile what has National announced today? Also a health policy, on waiting times:

Ensure all patients booked for elective surgery receive it within no more than four months by the end of 2014.

Compare that to Labour’s waffle. A specific commitment, that matters to New Zealanders.

And National has a good record here. Since 2008:

  • 60,000 more patients got elective surgery than the previous three years
  • An extra 27,000 patients a year getting elective surgery – an increase of 22% since 2008
  • 91% of patients getting elective surgery within 6 months of being on the waiting list

So Labour is focused on banning pies and where John Key’s family choose to holiday, and National is announcing it will boost elective surgery by a further 4,000 operations a year and cut waiting times by a further two months.

It shows who is focused on the issues that really matter to New Zealanders. It shows why hopefully Labour is dropping in the polls and hopefully will be crushed on November 26.

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