Goff attacks Key again

It is becoming obvious that the last two weeks of the campaign are going to be non stop attacks on . 3 News reports:

Labour leader says United States President is a great leader whereas Prime Minister John Key is a poor leader despite both nations having high unemployment and receiving credit downgrades since both leaders took office.

Unemployment in New Zealand has doubled and our credit rating has been downgraded twice by Standard and Poors since 2008.  

The United States’ unemployment has also doubled since before the global financial crisis and they have received a credit downgrade too.

Mr Goff told Firstline this morning that President Obama and Mr Key are incomparable because they inherited different fiscal situations.

It is worth recalling that Labour in fact left National with an economy that went into recession in 2008, a tradeable sector which had been shrinking since 2005 and a projected decade of deficits. Yes public debt was relatively low, but the spending track they left behind was unsustainable, and Labour opposed every single step National took to reduce spending.
But let us also look at how Americans actually rate Obama and Kiwis rate John Key.
Barack Obama’s net approval rating is -9%. John Key’s net approval rating is +53%. Note this is not a favourability rating asking do you like them. This is asking if people approve of the job they are doing.
I wonder when Labour will produce their equivalent of the 2008 H-Fee?

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