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Labour have released:

Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Cunliffe has released 15 quotes from John Key and Bill English that show they have consistently talked up an economic recovery …

Now it is true that the economic recovery has not been as strong as was projected. There are of course some strong external factors at play again like Europe and the Canterbury earthquakes, but putting that aside, whom else can we find talking up the recovery? Perhaps we can even find some politicians who claimed the Government was too cautious about the recovery, and they should start spending up large? Let’s see what Mr Google finds:

  1. First we have Phil Goff saying there was a global crisis in 2008, but that it was all over by 2009.—Goff/tabid/419/articleID/211868/Default.aspx#ixzz1d9dDbU5O. Someone tell Silvio.
  2. Then we have David Parker demanding that “All New Zealanders must get their fair share in recovery”. A refrain repeated often.
    The better than expected GDP figures released today serve as a reminder to the National led Government that all Kiwis must share in the recovery, Labour’s Associate Finance spokesperson David Parker said.
    “With growth tracking faster than expected Kiwis should look forward to some relief from the Government’s 2010. The stronger than expected recovery gives the Government more room to move as it prepares for the May 2010 Budget.
    “Now the economy is showing strong signs of growth National must work to ensure all Kiwis share in it.”
  3. This one is my favourite – David Cunliffe actually accuses the Government of “trying to play down the extent of the recovery”
    Kiwis deserve to share in stronger recovery
    Better-than-expected economic forecasts should be reflected in a Budget in 2010 that allows all New Zealanders to share as much as possible in the recovery, says Labour Finance spokesperson David Cunliffe.
    David Cunliffe says today’s Budget Policy Statement is significantly more pessimistic than the latest Reserve Bank’s prediction.
    “The Government is still trying to play down the extent of the recovery, but whether you use Reserve Bank or Treasury forecasts, it is clear that hard-working Kiwis, who have been struggling to make ends meet throughout the recession, must be to the fore of the Government’s priorities in next year’s Budget.
    “The fact that Finance Minister Bill English is trying to play down the level of recovery is a worrying sign, but Kiwis want positive reinforcement that the country is on the mend.
  4. The fact that the number of full-time equivalent jobs and total paid hours declined in the December quarter shows that thousands of hard-working Kiwis are not sharing in the economic recovery, says Labour Finance spokesperson David Cunliffe.
  5. Goff – Fortunately, the rest of the world’s largest economies are already on the road to recovery from the global financial crisis too.
    Because our trading partners are growing stronger, today, the outlook for New Zealand is much better.
    New Zealand will benefit from international economic recovery come this year, with the IMF projecting world economic growth of 3.9 per cent.
    At the start of the Government’s term in office, we announced our driving goal was to grow the New Zealand economy.
    Today it’s clear we need to widen our goal. As the recovery unfolds, it is essential that the gains are enjoyed by the people who were called upon to make the greatest sacrifice in the tough times.
  6. Goff – So with the international economy starting to recover, what is being done to ensure New Zealand will gain fully from the benefits of the recovery, and that ordinary hard-working but hard-pressed New Zealander families will share those benefits?
  7. Mallard – “Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, either in one step if it is prepared to be bold, or over two years, would show it is serious about wanting to close the wage gap as well as sending a strong signal that it wants all New Zealanders, not just those at the top, to share in the fruits of the economic recovery.
  8. “Now that an economic recovery is starting to take hold, National must ensure that all New Zealanders, not just a privileged few, share in the benefits of changes to the tax system, but Mr Key is trying to soften up the genuine expectations of lowest-paid Kiwis that their sacrifices will not have been in vain,” Stuart Nash said.
  9. Lianne Dalziel says the second Forum, organised by the New Zealand International Business Forum, is being held at an opportune time as signs of economic recovery in both countries allow a focus on developing new economic opportunities and other forms of co-operation.
  10. A chance to share the benefits of international economic recovery across all New Zealanders.
  11. “The Crown Accounts released today confirm that ACC’s assets are benefiting from signs of international economic recovery as anticipated,” says David Parker.

So really a massive own goal by Labour. They spent two years demanding the Government spend more money because they kept themselves proclaiming how strong the recovery was, and in fact their finance spokesperson even accused the Government of talking the recovery down.

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