Labour’s Christchurch policy

Adam Bennett in the NZ Herald reports:

would actively “intervene” to kick-start the Christchurch recovery, including entering the land development and insurance markets if it felt that was necessary, leader Phil Goff says.

Mr Goff this morning launched his party’s quake recovery policy package.

“The next Labour Government will intervene to give Cantabrians affordable choices to help rebuild their homes, businesses and lives after the devastating earthquakes”, he said at the launch in quake stricken Kaiapoi just north of Christchurch.

“These are extraordinary times for Canterbury and the Government must respond accordingly. Business as usual won’t cut it.”

Mr Goff said the government needed to take a more active role in the rebuild.

Goodness, you would think the Government had done nothing, rather than actually commit billions of dollars from taxpayers towards rebuilding Christchurch.

Ring-fence a maximum of $100 million from the Canterbury Fund to ensure home improvements to houses in the Red Zone are reimbursed up to a maximum of $50,000

As someone said on Twitter, this is a repeat of their 1957 policy of “Do you want 100 pounds or not”? I’m surprised Labour haven’t made the same offer to everyone in New Zealand who has sold a house for less than they think it is worth.

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