Labour learning relentless negativity doesn’t appeal

An interesting article at Stuff:

When asked what he wanted Cantabrians to think about the Labour Party time next year, Little said: “ want people to say they’re hearing and seeing from Labour more often and that we’re making constructive comments about the future for Canterbury.

That would make a nice change.

Woods said she was excited about her new role and felt the earthquake recovery was at a “hugely important point in terms of what happens next”.

She said she intended to hold Earthquake Recovery Gerry Brownlee to account when necessary but also wanted to work alongside the Government on quake-related issues.

Hard to imagine Clayton ever working alongside the Government on anything, so the appointment of Woods is a positive step.

Cosgrove, who lost his seat in Waimakariri to National’s in 2014, said bringing quake-related portfolios together made sense.

Actually he lost it to Kate Wilkinson in 2011. also beat him in 2014 but he didn’t lose it to Doocey.

-wing blogger Martyn Bradbury said Christchurch had been a “bastion” for Labour, but instead of rallying behind the party after the quakes, the region had “walked away to National”.

“If you line up all the problems that have occurred [with the rebuild] there’s been plenty of fertile ground for Labour to attack the Government, and they have attacked but it just hasn’t resonated.”

Because relentless negativity doesn’t appeal.

In 2005 National trailed Labour in Christchurch 7.6%

In 2008 National beat Labour in Christchurch by only 5.1%.

In 2011 National beat Labour in Christchurch by 22.7%.

In 2014 National beat Labour in Christchurch by 24.1%.

That’s not just not resonating. That’s going backwards.


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