Prime Minister Trudeau

Once again has a Prime Minister Trudeau.

The results of the election are:

  • Liberals 39.5% (+20.6%) 184 (+150) seats
  • Conservatives 31.9% (-7.7%) 99 (-67) seats
  • NDP 19.7% (-10.9%) 44 (-59) seats
  • Bloc Quebecois 4.7% (-1.3%) 10 (+6) seats
  • Greens 3.5% (-0.4%0 1 seat (nc)

170 seats is a majority so the Liberals have made it. When you consider they came a distant third in 2011, this is a massive victory for them. Meanwhile the Conservatives and NDP have been slaughtered, both losing important figures such as the Conservative Finance Minister and NDP Deputy Leader.

The polls were pretty accurate, even if the seat projections were less so. The differences between the result and the average of the final polls was:

  • Liberals 2.2% better
  • Conservatives 1.0% better
  • NDP 2.0% worse

I think there was a bit of last minute tactical voting from NDP to Liberals.

Harper has resigned as Conservative Leader, so they will have an Acting Leader for almost a year as their primary style elections take a long time.

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