Vote against Wellywood

The Dom Post reports:

Will Wellingtonians be blown away by the winning alternative to ?

The public vote has been counted and the sign dubbed – Blown Away is the clear winner of the first stage of voting with a whopping 46 per cent of the votes.

Designed by a team from advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, the sign dIt is aepicts the word “Wellington”, with the last few letters appearing to be whipped off the hill by the wind.

Second with 21 per cent of the votes was The Eye of the Taniwha, which shows the giant eye of the mythical beast gazing across the harbour.

These two designs will now go head-to-head with the Wellywood concept in a final vote that opens on Wednesday, and closes on November 17, with voting via

As I blogged previously, putting two alternatives against Wellywood may be an attempt to skew the result. There is a risk that say 65% don’t want Wellywood, but if the vote is 35% Wellywood, 33% Wellington – Blown Away and 32% Eye of the Taniwha, then Wellywood wins. It is a shame they do not allow us to rank the three alternatives.

Because of the nature of the vote, I urge all those who do not want Wellywood to vote for “Wellington – Blown Away”, to avoid splitting the vote and letting Wellywood win. It got twice as many votes as Eye of the Taniwha in the first vote, so is the most likely to beat Wellywood.

Voting starts tomorrow and both Wellingtonians and non-Wellingtonians can vote. Please vote for “Wellington – Blown Away” to finally kill off the Wellywood sign once and for all.

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