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Stuff has a profile of new Labour Leader David Shearer. It’s a great read, and shows some of the extraordinary experiences he has had. My favourite is:

His wife Anuschka, Nush, as he calls her, worked with him there. “She is a Mt Roskill girl. I wish it could be more exotic, but it’s not.

“I was her flatmate in a house she owned in Auckland and moved in and then after a few months moved in a little further. We got to know each other over the Cornflakes in the morning.”

In Somalia, she was his head of operation. “She’s tough. I remember a bunch of Somalis all came in with their guns and bandoliers of ammunition across their chests and said, `Mr David, could you talk to your wife, she is much too unreasonable’. She said no way they were getting more money, because they were paid enough.


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