Shearer on issues

NZ Herald reports:

“Why should we have another country’s flag in our top corner? I’d rather see a fern [which] for me is the national emblem. How we do that [depends] on how people want to do it.

1/1 I agree on.

“We should be moving towards a republic.”

But he added that it was not a “number one priority”.


Asked about New Zealand’s relationship with the US, he said: “I think we’ve gone back too much from where we were.

“We have a stronger voice and more respect internationally by being independent. And I don’t think the cost is that great.”

Not sure what he means here. How are we not independent at the moment? 2/3

He said he had no issue with gay marriage or same-sex adoption, and acknowledged that updating adoption laws – which the Government has said is not a priority – was long overdue.

He would have to see the detail of any bill to legalise gay marriage or same-sex adoption before voting for them but supported them in principle.

4/5. What I like about him is that he is willing to say outright that yes he supports gay marriage and same sex adoption. Goff could never quite bring himself to say that, and just would waffle about supporting civil unions and adoption law reform generally.

But he is less liberal on cannabis.

“I don’t think people should go to prison for smoking a joint but I don’t support legalising cannabis.”

He said there was merit in the Law Commission’s recommendation for a mandatory cautioning scheme.

5/6. I like the Law Commission proposed cautioning scheme.

On alcohol reform, Mr Shearer supported a split purchase age of 18 in bars and 20 in supermarkets and liquor shops.

5/7. There is no principled reason to stop a 19 year old buying a bottle of wine at a supermarket.

He said there was some evidence to clamp down on alcohol advertising, but he wanted to research the issue more.

5/8 in total. Not too bad.

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