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Lois Cairns at the SST reports:

The Maori radical who smashed the America’s Cup with a sledge-hammer has turned his skills to film-making and is working on a documentary about Prime Minister John Key.

, formerly known as Benjamin Peri Nathan, says he wants to define himself as a film-maker and has put his criminal past – bank robbery and drug-dealing – behind him.

Maybe he could do films about the victims of crime?

Netana-Patuawa claims he seeks to “reveal the truth” with his documentary although he admits his main motivation is that he is deeply angered by the policies of Key’s National-led government which he blames for the injustices he sees.

“We live in a land of abundance, yet we have many people, particularly children, suffering. John Key is responsible for that and, as such, I intend to hold him to account. But, my doco will not seek to go on some type of vindictive `witch-hunt’.

Of course not. It will be fair and balanced I am sure. That pink elephant flying overheard told me so.

“If just 2000 people committed to $1 a week over a one-year period, that would cover the costs of the entire documentary,” he says on his website, adding that an accounting firm has been employed to ensure all money received is spent on the doco.

I’m surprised NZ on Air hasn’t yet rushed in to fund it, and TV3 arranged to play it the week before the 2014 election.

He is also looking for people to help make the documentary but says he has no interest in hearing from National supporters: “A background check will be taken to make certain you are not a National supporter, as I do not want any `National spies’ relaying information back to the party pertaining to the documentary. I know this may sound a bit `paranoid’ but better to be safe than sorry.”

I suspect National is not too worried about an attack documentary against them made by a repeat convicted criminal. In fact it may make them more popular.

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