Ports of Auckland loses Fonterra

have confirmed today that had decided to move its export shipments from Auckland to other ports, from the end of January because of ongoing strike action at the port by the .

This will see weekly trade worth around $27m go through the ports of Tauranga and Napier instead of Auckland.

Now readers will recall that the average wage for a FT wharfie in Auckland is $91,000. This is for an unskilled job where training is on the job. But what is POA offering the union?

  • a 10 per cent rise on hourly rates
  • performance bonuses of up to 20% on hourly rates
  • retention of existing benefits and entitlements
  • a new roster system that will provide increased operational flexibility while allowing workers to plan their rosters a month in advance

Those slave labour drivers. A 10% increase on hourly rates would push the average FT salary to around $100,000 a year. And 20% performance bonuses is just an evil capitalist divide and conquer strategy. If you start paying staff performance bonuses, then the good staff will end up getting paid more than the bad staff.

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