The national interest in making the ports more efficient

Fran O’Sullivan writes in the NZ Herald:

It seems pretty obvious that the ports company has been determined to ensure productivity at its downtown Waitemata Harbour operations is markedly increased. Particularly in the vital area of crane productivity, where rival Port of Tauranga sub-contracts its container stevedoring work and boasts a superior performance to its Auckland competitor.

If the didn’t see this one coming, then they haven’t been paying much attention to the Ministry of Transport report on container productivity at New Zealand ports. Nor has the union been paying attention to the Productivity Commission which estimates exporters and importers spend upwards of $5 billion a year on freight and has forecasted annual trade could be boosted by $1.25 billion if transport costs were shaved by 10 per cent. There is a national interest issue at stake here.

$1.25b if costs are down 10%. The are definitely working in the national interest if they can make themselves more efficient.

I note the Port of Tauranga sub-contracts its stevedoring work out. Maybe that sub-contractor could apply to do the work for Ports of Auckland also?

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