Well done Len

It only took a couple of blog posts pointing out his donations from the , and Len has leapt into life on the issue of the militant industrial action by the union. Better late than never, I say. The Herald reports:

Auckland Mayor has issued an ultimatum to the Maritime Union in the bitter industrial dispute on the city’s wharves, saying there must be more flexibility in work practices to make the port more productive and profitable for the council.

Excellent. It is not just a matter of being more profitable for the Council – it is also being productive and competitive for its customers. They do have choice, and have been using it to desert Auckland.

Mr Brown – a member of the Labour Party who received a $2000 donation from the Maritime Union towards his 2010 election campaign – yesterday said the board and management of the 100 per cent council-owned port company had his full confidence but he refused to express confidence in the union, which he was not responsible for.

It is good he has now backed the Council owned company.

In a sign that he is standing up to the union, which is set to strike again tomorrow for 48 hours, Mr Brown said it was time to review some of the decades-long work practices to reflect the increasing and changing trends of the international shipping market.

The practices are probably little changed from the 70s.

Maritime Union president Garry Parsloe said the union had offered to investigate changes to improve productivity …

Ha, offered to investigate. How stupid does he think management are, that they don’t realise that is no commitment at all.

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