Poor Ed Miliband

The NZ Herald reports:

One is a hapless inventor from Wigan whose hare-brained schemes and anthropomorphic dog, Gromit, have made him one of the most cherished figures in British film.

The other is the leader of the British Labour Party. And unkind talk about their similarity has prompted complaints that one is tarnishing the other’s public image.

Senior figures at Aardman Animations will voice concern, at a status meeting this week, over the frequency with which their Oscar-winning, cheese-loving, animated hero is compared to .

Oh dear, it is bad enough to be compared to Wallace, but to then have the creators of Wallace concerned that the comparisons damages Wallace is very damning.

In the latest YouGov poll 68% of respondents say Miliband is doing badly as Opposition Leader, and only 20% say he is doing well. Even amongst Labour voters, 49% say he is doing poorly.

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