Would Miliband be a ‘catastrophe’?

The Daily Mail editorial:

Launching his party’s business manifesto last week, extolled the virtues of British companies in fulsome terms, ‘from the multinational to the family firm’.

He promised a future Labour government would help them in ‘creating wealth, making profits, and providing jobs’, and asked the business community to join him in a partnership ‘to build a better future together’.

Yesterday the business community gave its answer. In a survey of FTSE 100 company chairmen, 70 per cent said a Miliband government would be a ‘catastrophe’ for the economy and 90 per cent believe he’d make a worse prime minister than David Cameron.

It is no surprise that the Daily Mail is against Miliband, and no surprise that most FTSE Chairs prefer Cameron to Miliband. What I find interesting is that 70% were willing to agree with the term “catastrophe” for a Miliband Government.

Miliband is no third wayer. His policies are closer to Michael Foot’s. But he may still get to be PM, with the support of the SNP.

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