How many know current rule?

The Herald reports:

One in 10 people who have taken a popular online test on our new give-way rules answered at least one question wrong – worrying the man who helped design it.

More than 120,000 people have visited the website sat a simulation placing them behind the wheel of a Suzuki Grand Vitara in 14 real-life give-way scenarios around suburban Hamilton.

Waikato University road safety researcher Dr Robert Isler, who conceived the test with daughter Nadine Isler, said an analysis of 650 results from last week also found that people took on average five seconds to answer correctly – and 10 seconds to give the wrong answer.

If 90% of those taking the test are getting all 14 questions correct, I’d regard that as very satisfactory. I’d almost bet money that if you had people do a test on the current giveway rules, less than 90% would get all questions right.

In my experience, if someone is unsure of a giveway rule, they end up giving way when they do not need to. It can be a frustrating, but I don’t think you get a lot of collisions because someone mucked up the giveway rule.

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