Stuff TV

announces: will be expanding in all kinds of ways over the coming year, and one exciting new development will be the launch of an internet TV channel.

The Stuff channel will have loads of great programmes on a huge variety of subjects and in a range of genres, from news to comedy to documentaries. It will follow the same model as, launched by our Fairfax Digital cousins in Australia.

It will take our video offering beyond the news and entertainment short-form clips available on and our Sony smart TV app to a new level aimed at providing quality viewing via the internet. Nielsen Consumer Media Insights has found that 595,000 New Zealanders aged 10 and above have watched TV or movies via the web in the past few weeks. That is a lot of people and it shows us that you want flexibility and choice in hows, whats and wheres of your viewing.

We  expect to launch in the next couple of months. When we do, we want to make sure we have a really great selection of New Zealand-produced content to complement our suite of international content.

A good initiative I look forward to. And an example of the converging worlds of print and broadcast media, and why there should be one regulator for standards.

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