Councillors being threatened over POAL

NZ Herald reports:

Two members are complaining of threatening phone calls from a man trying to make them support a no-confidence vote against the management.

No vote was put to a council meeting yesterday, but Sir John Walker and Calum Penrose are angry about the calls, from veteran protester .

Somehow I think the name is very appropriate.

Sir John said a threat was made to him through his wife, who was told “they were going to take me to court, they were going to get at me because of the way I’d been voting”.

He said that was rubbish as he was away when a vote was last held on the port dispute, and he did not like his wife being threatened.

Mr Penrose said he was threatened after telling a caller on Tuesday that he would “definitely” not support a motion against the council-owned port company.

“He [the caller] said, ‘We are going to sue you individually, as councillors, and then we are going to have you sacked. And then we are going to get you’.”

Just more intimidation.

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