Coromandel Day III and IV

Sadly Easter is over, and today is the long drive back to Wellington. I said on Twitter last night I’d love Easter to be longer which got a Labour acquaintance excited at me supporting more public holidays, until I said but in return I’d cancel Labour Day and Queens birthday 🙂

On Easter Sunday we … well … did nothing … and it was great. Just spent the day reading and drinking in the sun on the balcony.

One would never get sick of the view.

On Easter Monday headed back to , this time getting there early. Spent the day swimming, sunning and reading.

This is on the other side of the cave, at Mare’s Leg Cove. As you can see with the tide higher you can get cut off.

Incredible to think of the cave having been created over so many years by tidal pressures. Some parts of the interior now have concrete, to stop it collapsing on us!

At a guess, I’d say this young lad is not happy there is no longer an ice cream seller with a concession for the Cove!

The weather forecast was for terrible weather and rain all Easter. As it turned out, the weather was brilliant. Almost makes up for the summer!

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