Thanks to Mana, we have asset sales

Readers will be aware that the majority for is 61-60 in the House. A one seat difference means they would not proceed.

I had previously pointed out that if Labour won Te Tai Tonga, then the Maori Party would have four seats, and on asset sales the House would be tied 61-61. So that was an own goal to Labour.

But also an own goal  from Hone Harawira and . If Mana had got say 0.3% rather than 1.1%, then Harawira’s seat would be an over-hang also, and again the House would be tied 61-61 as Labour would get an additional list seat.

Getting 1.1% was the worst possible result for Mana. If they had got 1.2% then they would have gained a second seat. But failing that, they would have been better to get under 0.4% and be an overhang seat.


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