The anti asset sales march

The HoS reports:

An estimated 3000 people joined politicians, unionists and community leaders in the Aotearoa Is Not For Sale hikoi, which passed through Auckland on its two-week journey from Cape Reinga to Wellington.

My normal rule of thumb is to take 33% off any media estimate of a march and 67% off any estimate from the promoters!

But even if 3,000 that is 2% 0.2% of Aucklanders.

Among them was Phoebe and her friend Gloria Strawhan, 13, who carried a banner with the words “Just No” scrawled across it.

It was the overriding message of protesters as they walked up Queen St from Britomart to Aotea Square.

Asset sales? No. Privatisation and the sale of land to overseas investors? No. Mining, fracking and drilling? No. Auckland mayor Len Brown? Step down, the crowd chanted. Act Party leader John Banks? Boo, they hollered.

How fascinating that they want Len Brown to step down. Were the Labour and Green MPs on the march also calling for this?

The Government did not have a mandate to sell assets, despite being elected after saying they would, said Smith.

Sorry, but that is exactly what they have.

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