Herald rates the Council

The NZ Herald rates the Auckland Council half way through their first term. In order:

  • Cameron Brewer A
  • A
  • Cathy Casey B+
  • Sandra Coney B+
  • George Wood B
  • Dick Quax B
  • Chris Fletcher C+
  • C+
  • Richard Northey C+
  • Arthur Anae C
  • Len Brown C
  • Michael Goudie C
  • Penny Hulse C
  • Noelene Raffills C
  • John Walker C
  • Wayne Walker C
  • Penny Webster C
  • C-
  • Calum Penrose C-
  • Alf Filipaina D
  • Sharon Stewart D

The comments on Cameron Brewer are:

Brewer is leader of the opposition, and more effective than the entire C&R team combined. Some accuse Brewer of being a self-publicist, but there is no more effective councillor at getting their name in the media.

Brewer has unashamedly postioned himself as the leading opponent of Brown and provided an alternative voice. The ambitious Brewer says he has no plans to challenge Brown next year. He is probably too far to the right to lure the middle ground.

I think Cameron would be a very serious contender in 2016, if Brown is re-elected for a second term in 2013 – which is far from certain.

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